About ETA

We have the most advanced technology in solid state polymer lithium-ion batteries and will guarantee our energy storage product that will effectively store, safely transfer and provide reliable energy storage solutions. We invest in research and development of energy storage technology to ensure we continue to have world-leading innovation and advancements.

With the world most advanced technology in energy storage, that we ensure maximum utilization of all kind of energy, renewable energy is effectively stored, safely transferred and long-lasted applied to every needed areas each time and every time.

Our Core Values:
Diversity and inclusion
Positive impact on society
Ethical practices
Corporate social responsibility
Environmental and economic sustainability
Trustworthy energy solutions
Customer focus

Our Mission:
To offer every person and every organisation access to effective, sustainable and lasting energy solutions to meet their needs. We are committed to business practices that are socially, ethically and environmentally responsible.

Our Vision:
Change the way sustainable energy is viewed, used, stored and delivered -- advocate energy storage technology as the future of a cleaner and greener earth -- make a brighter future for everyone.